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Architect Planner

An architect planners designs and plans structures to be used by human-like residential complexes and office buildings. Architects make sure that the structure that they build is functional and safe.

Urban Planner

On the other hand, urban planners are professionals who study the problems affecting a certain community. They come up with suggestions about the right location of public utilities.


Buildings and other important structures. Urban planners work in coordination with local officials and governments for ensuring that the land of a community is used in the best way possible.

Architectural Career

Both these careers fall into the category of architectural careers but the job profiles and the responsibilities are completely different.

Architects Planners

In order to work in the form of an architect planner, it is important for the candidate to graduate from an architectural program. Candidates also need to complete internships post graduation and undertake the Architect registration Examination.

The Difference Between An Architect Planner And An Urban Planner

Urban Planners

It is necessary for urban planners to possess Master’s degree in this field. The degree options in this field include Master of Community Planning or dual M. Arch and MCOP programs. The dual programs take a long time to complete while the MCP programs take just two years to completion. Doctoral programs in regional and urban design and planning can also be undertaken.

  The Study Options for Architectural Planners

Architecture is a unique field of study. For the ones who like to become architect-planners, it helps to possess a
blend of both artistic and scientific skills. It is only because of this reason that many universities do not ask for particular A-levels among students. However, there are even universities that prefer students with A-levels reflecting their strengths in both artistic and scientific fields. In the field of architectural planning, students with a combination of Design and Technology or Art and Design are the ones who are highly preferred over the others.

What are the Study Options?

Studying architecture is not an easy thing to do. If will probably have to tread a long road if you want to become an architecture planner. It will take in a long span of seven years for you to become an expert and fully qualified architectural planner. This includes a three-year undergraduate program, a year in the industry and a postgraduate program followed by another one year in the industry. Planning and building courses in this field are of three years. However, it is important for you to note that in order to become a full-fledged architect planner; you need to spend more years in on-job training post graduating.

Alternative Careers

Very closely related to architectural planners, there are the civil engineers who design, implement and maintain civil infrastructure including utilities and transportation. Then there are the landscape architects who design aesthetically pleasing and recreational gardens, parks and community facilities of other varieties. Architect planners design public, residential and commercial buildings.

  Why Study Architectural Planning?

The field of architectural planning or the job of an architect planner is incredibly satisfying and rewarding at the same time. It allows individuals to actually create something tangible that they can be proud of. The field of architectural planning stands out from the other jobs in that the architects have something solid to show for their efforts at the end of an assignment irrespective of the fact that whether it is a carefully planned structure or development. If you have a keen interest in problem solving and maths and at the same time if you are artistic or creative, then a degree in architect planning would be the most suitable job for you.

What is an Architectural Plan?

An architectural plan is basically a plan or a design for a structure or a building. This plan contains architectural specifications, drawings time planning, calculations and other important features of a structure or the building procedure. It is basically a documentation of graphic and written descriptions of architectural elements of a certain building assignment including details, drawings and sketches.

Latest Blog

Whether you are an urban planner or an architect, your main job is designing safe and functional structures for different uses. Architectural planning is a term that refers to the different tasks performed or the services provided by urban planners or architect planners. Architect planners generally work on the design, concept and the construction of buildings. There are a number of important procedures that need to be factored in when trying to become as architecture planner.

What is an Architecture Planner?

Architecture planners craft technical and creative visions in the development of rural areas or cities. The technical and creative visions crafted by the architecture planners help in making space functional, efficient and appealing. Some important tasks that architect planners perform when developing construction assignments include reviewing the site plans, meeting with the other project developers, suggesting and presenting projects to the communities and the clients and determining or coming up with the right plans for a project. The job of an architect planner requires having good knowledge about local regulations, community and marketing requirements, environmental impact and zoning.

Services Offered by an Architect Planner

The most important duty of an architect planner is developing visions for landscapes, infrastructure systems, communities and cities. Urban Planning is another great type of Architect to look into. These professionals put in their best efforts in finding the most efficient uses of land in regards to economic, community and environment issues. Their main job is focusing on a particular brand of planning like transportation planning or redevelopment planning. Architecture planners have their time divided between different environments. These professionals need to work in studios; create drawings and plans and also make use of computer software. they are required to go for site visits for gaining complete information about the space or the land on which they need to work. it is also necessary for an architect planner to work with the community and government groups that are affected by his or her work. this requires them to attend forums, hearings and meetings where they have to listen to the concerns of different groups and make cases for their architecture plans. Read more at

It is necessary for a candidate to possess a Master’s degree in architecture in order to become an architect planner. Candidates can always earn a degree in regional or urban planning, civil engineering, environmental planning or urban design. It is up to you to choose the degree program that best suits your capabilities and the skills that you possess. Training in architecture planning involves studio-based work for building the planning experience of the candidate by way of assignments. candidates might also have to spend time studying different cities, neighbourhoods and rural spaces for gaining a complete understanding of the field.


Pursuing a career as an architecture planner is a satisfying and a rewarding one but candidates need to out in great efforts in trying to score the highest credentials. Experienced architecture planners also have the option of starting their own business but then they would have to look for long-term clients. Read more at

How Does An Architect Planner Come Up With An Architectural Plan?

An architect planner starts working after the site and the cost and type of building have carefully been determined. Architectural planning, for the architectural planner, is the procedure of harmonizing and particularizing the demands of use, environment and economy. The procedure has a utilitarian and a cultural value.